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soul alignment

What is Soul Alignment?

Spiritual transformation is a process of soul alignment. Soul alignment is how we honor and express our real self and live an authentic, soul-centered life. Even the ancient yogis understood that until we awaken to our true Self, we cannot access our power. We must distinguish “I” from others, discard all of what we’re not and deliver our real self from the bondage of codependency.

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Being Present signpost

Being Present Lets Your Soul Shine

Staying connected to the present communicates self-acceptance. It allows your soul to shine through. Your soul wants to fully express itself, and that requires openness and confidence. Self-esteem and self-acceptance provide courage that allows us to be authentic and take risks. You’re not interested in hiding who you are or worried about making mistakes and rejection as you would if you’ve suffered from shame and accompanying anxiety and self-doubt. Signs of Presence

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